Gone Camping (again)

Hello everybody :)forest-falls-1443347_960_720

What have you been up to, except for watching football (given that the European Championship is going on atm)?

Seeing that my favourite Teams (Wales and Iceland, for those interested. I always love to support the underdogs) are doing surprisingly well, I have been writing.

So, it’s time for another little status update – Second Camping Edition :)


Since once again, like last April, I decided to join Camp NaNoWriMo.

catpack_4(For those of you who don’t know – Camp NaNo is the little brother of NaNoWriMo in November. It takes place twice a year (in April and July), you can set your own word count and you don’t even have to start a new writing project. Revision also counts – one hour equals 1000 words.)

I’m a happy camper so far, and even joined a cabin with my two writing buddies Mika M. Krüger and Sarah Ricchizzi. The power of friendship and camp fire magic will help us reach our set word count – hopefully :)  But another 20 000 words – done by editing and writing – sounds very do-able for me.

What’s my project this time?

Well, it’s actually going to be a continuation from April. I’m still working on those colour-themed short stories for an anthology project. Meanwhile, an additional volume has been announced, so there will be ten in total – White, Yellow, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Black and ‘All Colours’.

During Camp in April, I wrote and edited my stories for White, Yellow and Red, which were all submitted and accepted. (The complete volumes for White and Red have meanwhile been published and can be found on Amazon. Yellow will follow soon.)an-outbreak-of-1370467_960_720

In-between Camps, I finished my entries for Blue and Violet – even though the latter turned out to be more difficult than I ever expected. I’m glad to say both entries have also been accepted.

And right now, I’m editing Green. My goal is to finish that, as well as write and edit the stories for Brown, Grey and Black during this Camp.

Hopefully, those stories will also get accepted. I’m having a phase of major doubt at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? Thank you so much ♥

mountains-392669_960_720Oh, and I’m also still working on the promised special series of ‘additional info’ segments, featuring some more insight into each specific story, the writing process and the background. Those will be published on my German page (here), since the stories are also in German. (Maybe there will be an English version at some point in the future.) The entry for White should be up soon, just putting some finishing touches on that.

Okay, back to writing for now. I’ll be back next week to tell you about my first seven days of Camping.

How about you? If you are camping as well, feel free to say hi :)


*off to hunt new story ideas*

Sources of pictures:

cat with backpack: Taylor Hackbarth (TaylorTailor)

everything else: pixabay

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