The First Week of Camping

Hello once again :)forest-616582_960_720

Just another little status update after the first week of Camp NaNo is over.

I was struggling a lot this week, but surprisingly enough not with writing. Or not in the first place. That backache I had been suffering from for two weeks turned out not to be caused by false strain and wrong posture, but instead by an infection. And then the combination of heat and antibiotics was giving me circulatory problems.

VUqUlUESo quite a few times, I was feeling too tired or too sick to write. I tried to at least get some editing done every day, but sometimes half an hour (= 500 words) was all I managed. I was also a lot less active in the online communities and in my cabin. If you read this, fellow campers and cabin mates: I’m sorry.

Only thanks to last weekend’s ‘ground work’, I’m at 8000 words now and therefore quite proud of myself.

leaf-654121_960_720In terms of stories: The entry for Green is pretty much done now. Maybe another edit and a bit of polishing. I also managed to do a first draft for Brown, but it’s still pretty raw and too short in my opinion. I also need to find a better beginning than that version of ‘waking up’ I have now…

lapland-993002_960_720So there’s my plan for next week: finish Brown, start working on Grey. Send Green off, and hope for a positive reply. And hopefully get rid of that annoying infection…



How was your first week? Did you reach your goal?


Do I spot a new story idea?

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Cat in tent:

everything else: pixabay

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