Two weeks down…

tent-1208201_960_720… one more to go.

“Stop!”, I hear you shout. “Camp NaNo is going on for another TWO weeks, not just one.”

Well, let me explain. And tell you about my second week of camping, while I’m at it :)

Surprisingly enough, this week went really well. Even though it was the last week of the school year, and I had to handle a school move plus last lessons as well as working on my stories. I managed another 8000 words – only due to revision and my growing perfectionism, but still. This means I’m currently at 16 000 words and getting close to the finish line.mist-481710_960_720

Looking at my goals from last week, I can say that I managed to reach most of them. I wasn’t able to send in my entry for Green, but that was due to a current stop (the publisher as well as the editors needed a break to catch up with all the stories handed in, since they are also working on other projects).

And on the ‘not-story-related-side’, I didn’t really succeed in getting rid of that annoying infection. As my GP put it, “It’s better, but it’s not good.” Here’s to hoping another week will fix that.

However, in terms of stories, I reached my goal. Green is now completely done, and I’m flowers-1037624_960_720quite happy with the results so far. I read it to my cats yesterday, just to hear how it sounds (they seemed to have liked it, too).

Brown is still in the works, but I found a way to fix the beginning and it’s coming along nicely. And Grey is in the ‘very first draft’ version, only 850 words so far, but the basic premise is there.

grass-1209945_960_720My goal for next week is to reach 20 000 words (my personal finish line), and to finish Brown, maybe even grey, too. That would mean I pretty much reached my basic Camp NaNo Goals. Maybe I can manage something extra, plotting my entry for Black, for example.

And now back to the question in the beginning: why does my Camp NaNo only last three weeks (well, three weeks and a few days, to be precise)?

Because I’ll be in England from the 27th on for a much-needed (and long-planned) holiday.So my update next week will be my last one, a Camp summary, if you will. Time really flies…

And how did your Camp go so far? Did you cross the halfway line, or are you far ahead (or behind)?

In any case, I’m sending LOTS of inspiration and motivation your way! You are doing an awesome job and you are all winners already, no matter what your word count says :)


Another week of Camp? Bring it on…

Sources of pictures: all pixabay

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