December? Already?


When did that happen?

It does not only mean that Christmas is approaching fast, but also that NaNoWriMo 2016 lies already behind us.

If you participated: how did it go? Did you reach your goal?

I most certainly did.

Given that I had decided to write a story that has been on my mind for ages, things were going exceptionally well. I managed to write every day – even after working from 8 AM till 5 PM, even when I had to make up for my Book Berlin weekend.

My average was a fairly high 2000 words – between 1552 and 2525 per day. Therefore, I beat NaNoWriMo on day 25, and got to amazing 60 155 words in the end, a result I had never expected, not even in my wildest dreams.


However … I couldn’t help but notice that this NaNo felt completely different from last year’s. Back then, I had to struggle really hard to reach 50 000 words, but felt really proud in the end. This year, I’m sort of missing that feeling.

But yeah, maybe it’s just because there are some scenes left to write. The complete story is most likely going to be around 80 000, so there are a few more words to write, and a lot of revision to be done. An AWFUL lot of revision.


My personal highlight this November was most definitely the Book Berlin – a small, cosy yet very impressive book fair. It was so much fun meeting great people (hi Michael, Sarah, Tinka and everyone else!) and witnessing my dear friend and fellow author  Mika Krüger presenting and selling her books there. Already looking forward to next year!

Still, I would like to thank all those who supported me this NaNo:thanks-1804597_1280

My cats for their endless support and patience and all the hours they spend sitting next to me while I was typing.

All the NaNoWriMo staff who made something great and you keep making it better and better each year.

All my friends who were supportive and kept asking about the story.

daisy-1403041_1280The  Facebook-Community, lead by the wonderful Tinka – it’s always so much fun with you guys!

And of course my beyond-amazing Writing BuddiesMika Krüger, who I met last NaNo and wouldn’t trade for the world, Michael Kracht, a great editor and amazing person, and Sarah Ricchizzi, who I finally got to meet in Person at Book Berlin. And of course everyone else I didn’t mention by name – you are all important to me, and I’m proud of every single one of you.

You all rock! <3

Everyone out there a happy and peaceful Advent!

zimtstern-1864644_1280 poinsettia-1750808_1280






Pictures used:

Welcome December:  LoveThisPic
Winner Badge:  NaNoWriMo
Buch Berlin Logo:  Buch Berlin
everything else: pixabay

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