… cookies?

For all of you wondering what the many references to cookies are supposed to mean:

Well, it’s a running gag as well as a reminder of my humble beginnings as an online storyteller.


home-made cookie cats ^^

When I had to pick the username for my first writing account, I just couldn’t come up with anything on the spot. In order to be able to post my first story, I finally decided on cookiecat. Yes, I happen to own a cat named Cookie, but that decision was more based on my fondness for baking and anything sweet (including cookies). I’m a bit like Cookie Monster in that regard, just not a monster. More… a cat.

That name stuck (I used it as an online name for several sites, sometimes with an added cute if cookiecat was already taken), and soon online friends as well as writers whose stories I beta’d started to affectionaly refer to me as Cookie. I still think it’s kinda sweet…

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