… my writing

“So, what exactly do you write about?”


It’s not easy at all to answer this question in just a few lines.

I could, however, answer with just one picture:


Tiny bright lights in the darkness. That’s pretty much it.

However, I guess a bit more detail can’t hurt.

In very general terms, my preferred genre can be described as a mix between mystery (by definition: the solution of a crime or the unraveling of secrets) and (gay) romance; meaning, there is a strong focus on tension and suspense, but also on the relationships and dynamics between the characters. Depending on the story, the setting is either present-day, dystopia or even fantasy.

Sounds pretty bright so far. Where is the darkness?

largeWell, let’s just say all my stories get dark at one point. Really REALLY dark.

I tend to choose topics and themes that are considered ‘mature’, sometimes even ‘potentially disturbing’. There can be instances of strong violence, murder, death, (child) abuse, trauma, (attempted) suicide, severe mental conditions, (dark) obsessions and insanity, to name but a few.

Having said that, I’d like to point out that I’m not a fan of blood, gore, pointless violence and suffering, as presented in ‘torture porn’ movies or extreme psycho thrillers. My preferences for darker topics and themes is more due to my deep fascination with the human mind – nothing is more powerful, nothing is more fragile – and the subtle mechanisms that build, shape and influence us, with and without our knowledge.

Okay, and how about those ‘tiny lights’?

When I tell a story, the main focus is not on those dark topics as such. I’m using them neither for their shock value, nor as the sole element to drive the story, nor as a simple means of characterisation.

My primary aim is to shine a light on the characters. To show which events and experiences in their lives made them the people they are today.  How they deal with the conflicts they experience. How those conflicts influence and shape them. How they (try to) overcome them.

tumblr_lty37cDXoo1qgwakno1_400In short, the characters and the unique dynamics they have with each other – especially in times of conflict – are what really drives my stories.

And no matter how dark things will get for them, there are always tiny little sparks of hope.


Oh, and before I forget –

To explain my addiction to pointing out songs and other pieces of music:

Most of my stories start off like little movies on my mind. I see the scenes playing out like on a screen, and I will stop them, rewind them and replay them over and over until they feel ‘right’. My aim as a writer is to transfer those scenes and images into the reader’s mind, to ‘draw pictures with words’, while at the same time leaving enough to the reader’s imagination.

detail_1011_11021This is why most of my stories come with a very distinct soundtrack – just like movies. Being pretty much story-telling in its own way, music is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, and one of the most reliable ways to get into the mood for a certain scene. Therefore, I will often mention songs from my ‘story playlist’, but of course checking them out is optional.


(For more detailed information, you can always have a look at my current projects. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.)


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