Blood and Rain

Other families have mottos made up of many fancy words, most of them empty because they either never meant anything to begin with or because the actions of their bearers eventually rendered them hollow and meaningless. Ours is just one single word: Loyalty. Cast in iron letters, set in stone. I cannot help it, it runs in my blood.

When the man he was supposed to protect is found brutally murdered, young and ambitious nobleman Will sees only one way to restore his honour: finding out who’s responsible. Easier said than done though, for he soon has to realise that no one is really interested in his investigations, especially not the king and the men surrounding him.

Accompanied only by a random handful of mercenaries and a mysterious young man he has developed deep feelings for, Will sets out to find the truth – and soon wishes he never had.

What if the murder was not just a coincidence? And what if the murderer is closer than Will thought?


Genre:  blend of Historical Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure and Gay Romance

Status: NoNaWriMo projekt 2015 – rough first draft complete

The picture used is by Neytirix on deviantart

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