Awesome people and pages ^^

A fellow story-teller (just in a different medium) as well as an incredibly sweet person and a very talented artist. Her songs are such a HUGE inspiration.

My best friend and endless source of support. Also a very talented writer.

Her first novel (in German):

Ein letztes Mal wir

My other best friend. Fellow writer, blogger, dystopian storyteller and world creator (as well as personal motivator and fan-artist) Mika M. Krüger.

I can also be found on

Autorenwelt: Stella Delaney

Facebook: Stella Delaney

Twitter: SparkOfDarkness

Tumblr: sparksofdarkness

NaNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo: Stella Delaney

Recherchepool für Autoren (Facebook): Stella Feineis (Admin)

Nächtliche Schreibwerkstatt (Facebook): Stella Feineis (Admin)

Schreibmeer: Stella Delaney (currently guest blogger)

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