Projects/Work in Progress

under constructionThis page itself is a ‘Work in Progress’, too. It’s merely here to give an overview of the projects and ideas I’m currently working on.

That means that the titles, tag lines, pitches and summaries might or will be changed, re-written and edited in the future. The basic ideas and plotlines, however, will remain untouched. (In other words: the what is already there, the how is what I’m still working on.)

Comments and feedback are of course already welcome. Nothing is more motivating, after all :)

In addition to writing short stories on various topics and collecting ideas that might turn into future projects, I’m currently working on the following novel projects:

puzzle Solving Puzzles

Two best friends.
Two years of separation.
And two secrets that threaten to destroy everything they share.

Blood and Rainrain_bg_free_to_use__by_neytirix-d5vcxp2

Even after all those years, the memories still burn. A fire like this can’t be put out by rain, only by blood.


An old friendship.
A young love.
A single night that changes everything.

Once something is broken, can you ever really put it back together?

Growing Resistanceflower-tree-growing-concrete-pavement-101

Sometimes a revolution starts in the most unlikely of places…

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