Several short stories in “Farbspiel” (an anthology project where each volume contains poems and short stories dedicated to and based on one specific colour):

Wie eine weisse Leinwand (Just Like an Empty Screen/Canvas) in “Weiss” (White)
– available on Amazon

Der Weg vor uns (The Path Ahead) in “Gelb” (Yellow)
available on Amazon

Mehr als eine Lieblingsfarbe (More Than Just My Favourite Colour) in “Rot” (Red)
– available on Amazon

Auf der Suche (Searching) in “Violett” (Violett)
– available on Amazon

Tiefe Wasser (Deep Waters) in “Blau” (Blue)
– available on Amazon

Fenster und Spiegel (Windows and Mirrors) in “Grün” (Green)
available on Amazon

Hinter der Tür (Behind the Door) in “Braun” (Brown)
– available on Amazon

Vergebung (Forgiveness) in “Grau (Grey)
– available on Amazon

Dunkelheit und Licht (Darkness and Light) in “Schwarz(Black)
– available on Amazon

Die Maske fällt (Unmasking) in “Farbspiel(All the colours)
– available on Amazon

Short story Karma in “Teilweise tödlich” (Partly Deadly) (a collection of short crime stories)
– available on Amazon

Short story Sommerfrost (Freezing Summer) in “Finstere Abgründe – Teilweise tödlich, Band 3” (Dark Abyss – Party Deadly, Volume 3), 13 short crime stories (Fehnland Verlag)
– available on Amazon

Short crime story Der perfekte Mord (Perfect Murder) in “Die besten Krimis 2016″  (The best crime stories 2016 – collection of winning stories of the Schreibstar-Competition held by Zürcher Oberländer Media)
– available only via ZO Shop

Short story Blut auf Papier (Blood on Paper) in “Ein weisses Blatt Papier” (Karina Verlag, Wien)
– available on Amazon

Short story Durch den Nebel (Through the Fog) in “Der Tag, an dem die Farben aus der Welt verschwanden” (an anthology of mystic/fantastic short stories)

official press release

– available on Amazon as book and ebook

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